Rattled by the rush

Die Mainstream-Medienszene in den USA sieht sich immer mehr Kritik ausgesetzt und wird zunehmend verunsichert. The New Yorker bringt einen sehr interessanten Artikel dazu.

Why is everyone mad at the mainstream media?:
“Journalism that is inquisitive and intellectually honest, that surprises and unsettles, didn’t always exist. There is no law saying that it must exist forever, and there are political and business interests that would be better off if it didn’t exist and that have worked hard to undermine it. This is what journalists in the mainstream media are starting to worry about: what if people don’t believe in us, don’t want us, anymore?”

Dazu noch dieser Beitrag, “The end of objectivity”, auf The Long Tail:
“(…) Today in the US the newspaper is fading, as is its influence on American journalism: news and information is becoming a commodity. What will rise as a differentiating competitive advantage? I’d argue that it’s not so much pure opinion and political partisanship (although that’s been the case on radio) as it is sensibility and worldview.
Perhaps the best example of sensibility is
The New Yorker, (…) making its audience feel like they’ve joined a somewhat exclusive club of smart, sophisticated people. (…)
Perhaps the best examples are blogs, which at their best have a distinctive and human voice, driven by the interests, values and sensibility of their author. (…)”