Sensibles Thema: The Gorilla in the Room

Das Weblog The Gorilla in the Room packt ein hochsensibles Thema an: Der Einfluß Israels auf die Außenpolitik der USA. Über seine Motivation schreibt der Autor auf Warblogging:

“Why am I starting this blog? On such a delicate subject? Well, because I feel the need to contribute to an open debate on U.S. foreign policy, mainly in the Middle East, but also as policy toward the Middle East impinges on U.S. relations with countries outside the region. We need to talk about it, because we’re getting set up for a broadening of U.S. military action in the region — and we need to debate whether or not doing this serves U.S. interests — and to do that, we need to have a frank discussion of some of the ulterior motives, and yes, dual loyalties which are driving the policy process in the Bush administration.”

Seine Introduction führt das weiter aus. Holla, je nach dem wie er dieses Thema angeht, dürfte in den Kommentaren sicher einiges los sein….ich lese mal mit.